ハーレーをプロのように操りたいなら RIDE LIKE A PRO JAPAN


プライベートトレーニング / Private training




・電話  080−5196−5151(受付 9:00~20:00)
・メール こちらから題名「プライベートトレーニング申込」としてお問い合わせください。


We, Ride Like A Pro Japan, provide you best, quickest and effective private training which you need.
You will have our counselling before the actual training start. This will help you what you need, then we will start special training after you will agreed with price and training program.

“I want to make a small turning with full lock the steering”
“I want to get used my bike quickly because I purchased a new one.”
“I want to focus on the practice of U-turn.”
“I want to be able to keep up with my touring friends because I am planning to go to touring with them soon.”

Please feel free to contact us with any question.

プライベートトレーニングメニュー & 料金表 / Menu & Price


・電話  080−5196−5151(受付 9:00~20:00)
・メール こちらから題名「プライベートトレーニング申込」としてお問い合わせください。





Trial Course 1 Lesson (2hours)¥10800 (tax inclusive)
1 Lesson Course1 Lesson (2hours)¥21600 (tax inclusive)
Additional TrainingPer an hour¥10800 (tax inclusive)
1 Month Course2 Lessons X 2 hours¥37800 (tax inclusive)
2 Month Course4 Lessons x 2 hours¥70200 (tax inclusive)
3 Month Course6 Lessons x 2 hours¥102600 (tax inclusive)
※We will change on travelling expenses separately (if we need to come to your place)

※In the case of training with more than 1 person, a fee of training of 2nd person will be the half price of 1st person. (travelling expense would be the same as 1st person) Please come to our lesson with friends.

We understand that you have apply the private lesson means as you have agreed with the rule of “Ride Like A Pro” training class.

If the training have prosponded due to the bad weather, we will give you alternative arrangement (find another day for training). We will not given any discount due to bad weather.

プライベートトレーニング実施までの流れ / Procedure of private training

1. お申込(*要予約) / Application (*reservation required )
・お電話の場合 080−5196−5151
 受付時間 9:00から20:00(不定休)

・メールの場合 こちらから題名「プライベートトレーニング申込」としてお問い合わせください。 
 受付時間 24時間


・Please call 080−5196−5151
 9:00~20:00(Open 7days)

・Please apply from “private training application”  
 24 hours

*If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.
You may have difficulties to make a booking depends on busy time of year or season.
Please apply training in advance, so we will be able to set training date which suit you.

2.ご連絡 / Contact


  • トレーニングコースを選んでいただきます。
  • カウンセリングを行ない、トレーニング内容と、上達したい目標のレベルを決めていきます。
  • 日程、時間を決めていただきます。(9時〜15時)


Ride Like A Pro Japan will contact you directly.
By phone or mail, we will confirm your level and training course, then we will start training after you have understand your program.
We will let you know what you need to prepare before the private training.

Please tell us is there any particular problem(s), weakens or so on.

  • Please choose training course.
  • After the counselling, we will decide the contents of training, the level of goal you want to achieve.
  • Set date and time (from 9:00 to 15:00)

※ 1 month course, 2 months course and 3 months course: the date of next lesson will be scheduled. (Date can be changed)
In the case of rain, date and time will be changed.

3.当日 / The training day

  • トレーニングに先立ち、あなたの現在の技術レベルを直接確認させていただきます。
  • この段階で、トレーニング内容およびプログラムの変更・追加とその料金について、最終確認をさせていただきます。
  • トレーニング開始です。


A certified trainer from “Ride Like A Pro” will give you training. (Our venue: Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture)

  • Before the training, we will check your current level of riding.
  • At this stage, we will confirm you the fee training or additional fee if there any additional training need on your private lesson.
  • Starts training.

※ Time of progress will vary depending on the model of bike or person. Change of the program or additions of training are also possible.
We are able to make suitable training program to suit our customer with discussion.